5 Reasons to Get a Gazebo for Your Backyard

One of the greatest benefits of homeownership is having a backyard. It provides a place of tranquility and solace from hectic days and busy schedules. What better way to enhance your Edmonton oasis than with a gazebo?

A backyard gazebo is ideal in Edmonton for outdoor dining, to sit and relax, or as a hot tub shelter. It also provides a sophisticated focal point to your landscaping, beckoning you outside. But if you’re on the fence about getting one, here are five benefits you may not have considered about having a gazebo.

  1. Increased property value. Anything that makes your home more attractive to potential buyers will increase the value of your home. Adding a gazebo to your backyard will do just that. The outdoor structure will extend your livable space, increase your equity and beautify your home.
  2. All season enjoyment. Gazebos can be enjoyed year-round, even in Edmonton. At Cedar Village, our cedar gazebos offer shade against the hot summer sun and a picturesque shelter in the winter in which to sip hot cocoa while watching the snow fall. Our gazebos can withstand all weather without cracking or warping. They’re also resistant to decay and fungus, and the cedar fragrance keeps pesky insects at bay.
  3. Greater privacy. Need more privacy? A gazebo will give you the solitude you seek without needing to shell out for expensive fencing and foliage. Some gazebos are open on all sides, but screened versions are also available. A gazebo with lattice walls creates a lovely privacy screen for those inside.
  4. Diverse range of uses. Gazebos set the stage for events such as birthday celebrations, garden parties, weddings or wedding photos. You could even rent it out for a little extra income. Since they can be open spaces or have walls, gazebos have a range of practical uses including use as a sitting area, outdoor kitchen, spa or fire pit enclosure. They can also serve as a quiet place for reflection, exercise or yoga.
  5. Boost social activities. Whether you're sipping a mai-tai with your closest girlfriend or a beer with your best bro, gazebos offer a comfortable seating area to enjoy social sipping. They’re the perfect excuse to host more functions and make a natural place for friends, neighbours and loved ones to gather together.

Gazebos in Edmonton

Gazebos from Cedar Village are constructed of cedar and pressure-treated wood and come in a range of styles such as a hexagon, octagon or square. You can add additional elements to your gazebo to make it unique and functional at the same time. Contact us today to learn more.

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