Tips for Protecting Your Deck in Winter

Your deck sees a lot of action, especially in the summer. However, most of the damage incurred by decks tends to happen during the winter months. To preserve your deck’s beauty and give it a long life, it’s important to take a few steps during the cold months to help keep it in good shape.

The deck experts at Cedar Village in Edmonton, have some suggestions to help you care for your decks in winter, whether you own wood, vinyl, or composite decking.

  • Clean and scrub it. It’s important to remove any furniture for the winter, along with things like potted plants, which might leak and stain your deck. You can wash it thoroughly, paying particular attention to any mould or mildew that might be building up. If you can, check between the board, especially after the winter as water that seeps in there may get trapped and cause more mould or mildew. You should also give it a good scrub and rinse once all the snow is melted away.
  • Apply a fresh coat of sealant. A good water-repellent seal will act like a shield, protecting the wood from the damages caused by melting ice and snow. You might need to remove an old finish, but the protection this will give your deck is well worth that extra effort.
  • Cover it with a tarp. Another option is to cover the deck with a tarp. This will protect it from accumulated snow and ice, and prevent any of it from infiltrating between the boards, which can cause mildew, but also rend and crack your boards, splintering them.
  • Remove snow. If you don’t go for the tarp option, take some time to remove accumulated snow throughout the winter. Be careful to shovel along the boards, and not against them so as to avoid ruining your finish. Do not use de-icer or salt, unless your deck is made of vinyl and not wood. The ice-melting chemicals will eat your seal and discolour your wood. If you deck is vinyl, then de-icer is a good solution. It will not harm your deck, and will make it safer to walk across, as iced vinyl can be extremely slippery. Remember to use a plastic shovel, and not a metal one, especially if your deck is made of vinyl!

All decked out

Your deck plays an important part of the overall aesthetic, comfort and enjoyment of your home. With a bit of care, it will remain in good shape for years to come. At Cedar Village, we specialize in decking of all kinds, and our experts can provide you with even more helpful tips and suggestions. Call or visit us for more details!

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